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Postropolis Watersheds

A while back just before all this pandemic stuff started up in full force, we created a video to serve as an introduction to the Postropolis Watersheds project. We wanted to show what’s going on in the Upper New River watershed, and just how beautiful it is, as a way to help folks understand just what the point of the project is, and why they should be interested in what we’re doing, maybe even decide…

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Community News

Artist Statement

There are several creative and artistic funding opportunities for the Postropolis project with submission requirements including an Artist Statement.  Postropolis founder Dr. Benjamin Erlandson has decided it would be a good idea to publish this Artist Statement on the Postropolis website.  This way, the general public can get a better sense of the overlap between the arts and the sciences within the Postropolis endeavor. Below is Dr. Erlandson’s statement, in its entirety: My intent with…

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Sparta Streetscape: Sustainable Systems Strategies or Stubborn Soap Opera?

A Critical Review of the Sparta Streetscape Plans Introduction The slide deck presented here is an updated version of the slide deck presented at the Sparta Downtown Streetscape and Waterline Project Information Session at 6 pm on Tuesday, April 9th at the Sparta Methodist Church.  This session was sponsored and advertised by the Alleghany County Chamber of Commerce. At the end of this post, there are links provided for the full slide deck in PDF…

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Deep Shifts

Postropolis: Deep Shifts What are the deep shifts we’re so interested in here at Postropolis HQ? Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, published The Fourth Industrial Revolution in 2016.  In this text, he emphasizes that the fourth industrial revolution is “not only about smart and connected machines and systems.  Its scope is much wider.  Occurring simultaneously are waves of further breakthroughs in areas ranging from gene sequencing to nanotechnology, from…

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Postropolis Site Launch

In anticipation of the upcoming tour of Montana and Idaho—including a presentation about the Postropolis concept at the iLRN 2018 conference in Missoula, Montana—we’re launching the Postropolis site to serve as a hub for news and content.  Dr. Erlandson will be presenting to a large audience of conference attendees on Wednesday, June 27 while the conference is sited at Salish Kootenai College in Pablo, Montana on the Flathead Reservation. As Dr. Erlandson makes his way…

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