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Postropolis Site Launch

In anticipation of the upcoming tour of Montana and Idaho—including a presentation about the Postropolis concept at the iLRN 2018 conference in Missoula, Montana—we’re launching the Postropolis site to serve as a hub for news and content.  Dr. Erlandson will be presenting to a large audience of conference attendees on Wednesday, June 27 while the conference is sited at Salish Kootenai College in Pablo, Montana on the Flathead Reservation.

As Dr. Erlandson makes his way through the conference and the rest of his westward roundabout through Idaho and Montana, any updates will be channeled through this site.  We have opportunities to meet with leaders from organizations such as Wilderness Watch and Friends of the Clearwater, as well as any other interested people and organizations with whom Dr. Erlandson may cross paths along the way.

Moving forward this site will serve as the central hub for all things related to progress on Postropolis as a process, platform, framework, and book.  In addition to Postroletter—the Postropolis newsletter—We’re still determining the best channels for continued conversation.  Please feel free to provide your suggestions using our contact form.

Stay tuned as we flesh out the page content on the site as well!

For now, please enjoy this spectacular summer solstice sunset captured last night over Missoula, Montana. 🙂

sunset photo of Missoula, Montana
Summer Solstice Sunset over Missoula, Montana (photo credit: Erlandson Photography)