Postropolis as process implements the Postropolis data framework using tools available within and outside the continuously developed Postropolis platform.  As a process, Postropolis is some combination of evaluation, problem-solving, design, and communication.


Postropolis as evaluation process can and should include any combination of measurement instrumentation and assessment decisions.  For example, to evaluate the relationship between vehicle usage patterns and emissions costs (outcomes) and other environmental disturbances, what might be the best measurement instrumentation you’ll need (or have available) to collect all the data most appropriate for making the best, most valid, assessment decisions about these relationships and how they change over time?

Problem Solving

How might this ongoing evaluation (measurement and assessment) process relate to one or more problem solutions?  For starters, the ongoing measurement and assessment process can be used to generate evidence-driven definitions for any number of problems in need of a solution—problems that may or may not have been previously identified as necessary for definition (and solution) as part of the ongoing evaluation process.


As these problems are defined and solutions are discussed, ultimately design must come into play, in one or many forms.  Perhaps, at a minimum, this results in the creation of a formal or informal design document for the intended problem solution, including the design of assessment plans for continued evaluation of progress.  Perhaps the identified solution requires process design or product design and development. Is it participatory design, involving all stakeholders in the process? Perhaps such an approach is a good fit, perhaps not.  What do the data say? What does your gut say? Where has the initial discussion led you and your team?


Regardless of the nature of design associated with problem solutions and the evaluation of ongoing progress regarding the iterations of design within these solutions, communication is a requirement.  How are ongoing processes and evaluation results collected and communicated to key stakeholders? How is communication relevant to the evaluation process? How is it differently relevant to the problem definition and solution design process?  How many different ways does communication integrate itself into the ongoing growth process associated with evaluation and problem-solving?

Diagram of Postropolis as Platform, Framework, and Process
Postropolis: Platform, Framework, Process

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